Mixer Designs in Food … Why They Matter?


When it comes to mixing food ingredients for products that will be consumed by us humans, or even for pet food for that matter, mixer designs matter.  Why? Cleanliness and proper functionality so the materials are mixed adequately according to product requirements. As one mixer manufacturer puts it, mixer designs must be selected to deliver […]

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Sand Facility Control System

sand facility automated control system

The basic configuration for a sand facility control system includes a customized Rockwell Automation Factory Talk machine Edition (ME) software running on a desktop PC, interfaced with the PLC Control Panel, a Motor Starter Control Panel and Sterling Systems unique SandTrack™ software with WebCentral™ remote supervisory control software application.  This is typically a system used […]

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Why Sterling Systems?

Sterling Systems & Controls

Why do business with Sterling Systems & Controls (a.k.a. Sterling Controls)? It’s simple really …. Sterling Systems unique attributes including: Sterling Systems & Controls uniquely provides Full Custom Solutions that are designed with your operational processes in mind, with 24/7 After-Sales Support that is second-to-none. Sterling Systems’ provides the technology and experience to increase efficiency […]

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Mixing/Blending Control for Compounding

Mixer Process Control

A critical step in most dry bulk batching manufacturing processes is mixing or blending.  Usually the mixing /blending together of various raw materials is done in a specific proportion in order to produce a final compound.  Mixing control is critical to quality and production efficiency.  One such industrial application example is rubber products manufacturing, where […]

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Automation Migration Critical to Long Term Efficiency

Ingredient Batching Controls

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. announces that it provides for continuity of automation upgrade within their batching control and automation systems for the baking, food and other industries.  Automation migration critical to long term efficiency and, as an example, a major livestock feed manufacturer has seamlessly maintained state-of-the-art automation control of the feed manufacturing processes […]

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Pellet Mill Control and Automation

Pellet Mill Monitoring

Sterling, IL:  Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of its state-of-the-art pellet mill control and automation software for the control and automation of pelleting mills and processes that may be found in feed mill and pet food manufacturing facilities. This new automation software is designed using Windows based .NET framework […]

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