Sand Facility Control System

sand facility automated control system

The basic configuration for a sand facility control system includes a customized Rockwell Automation Factory Talk machine Edition (ME) software running on a desktop PC, interfaced with the PLC Control Panel, a Motor Starter Control Panel and Sterling Systems unique SandTrack™ software with WebCentral™ remote supervisory control software application.  This is typically a system used […]

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Receiving/Transfer Automation Application for Feedmills

Receiving / Transfer Automation Application

Sterling, IL, October 2018:  Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. announces availability of its automation application module for Receiving and Material Transfer for dry solids, the Receiving/Transfer Automation Application . All automation systems are custom engineered and manufactured to meet exact customer requirements. Sterling Systems routinely incorporates its Receiving/Transfer application module in automation systems within a […]

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Process Control Automation – Turning Old Tires Into Usable Materials


Sterling, IL March 2017:  Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has completed several projects where it was the provider of process control automation equipment and systems to automate the process of converting old tires into usable materials, including oils, gases, and carbon ash. The process is a modified version of […]

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