Mixer Designs in Food … Why They Matter?


When it comes to mixing food ingredients for products that will be consumed by us humans, or even for pet food for that matter, mixer designs matter.  Why? Cleanliness and proper functionality so the materials are mixed adequately according to product requirements. As one mixer manufacturer puts it, mixer designs must be selected to deliver […]

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Do you Compound Rubber?

Capabilities for all industries

The first step in most rubber manufacturing processes is compounding.  Do you compound rubber? What is compounding? Rubber compounding involves the science and engineering of rubbers and rubber additives, such as processing aids, fillers, and curing agents, in definite proportions to obtain a uniform mixture that will have desirable physical and chemical properties to meet […]

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Mixer Control for Rubber Compounding


Mixer control for rubber compounding is critical to quality and production efficiency.  Most often to produce a rubber compound a combination of plastic resin (pellets, flakes, powders, or liquid) is combined with other materials, including liquids and bulk solid materials.  Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. has introduced a customized system for a rubber compounding application. […]

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