Custom Batching Systems Prewired

Prewired Batching System

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. is the leader in custom engineered and manufactured automatic Material Batching and Weighing Systems.  These custom batching systems prewired are automatic ingredient batching systems supplied “Prewired” for easier and less costly overall installation. System wiring can be done to whatever electrical code requirements you might have. If a custom batching […]

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Mother Totes for System to Dose Liquids


It isn’t unusual for Sterling Systems & Controls to be called in to fix problems with equipment systems of other brands.  One major snack food producer did just that and it involved a liquid dosing system.  The solution was mother totes for system to dose liquids.  This was a sizeable project and included several dry […]

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Automatic Batching for Compounding


Sterling, IL – Immediate Release:  Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. is pleased to announce it has custom engineered and manufactured an automatic batching system for the ingredient batching of the rubber compounding process.  A hybrid ingredient bulk material batching system combines minor bin and bulk bag ingredient batching providing automatic batching for a rubber manufacturing […]

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