Micro Weighing Systems

Sterling Systems & Controls offers standard and customized micro material weighing systems to weigh materials that require accurately measured ingredients that are critical to the batch integrity. These systems can be manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated. Within the solution of the micro systems, we offer supply bins, feeders, automatic bin refilling, work platforms, bag handling equipment, dust collection, and batched material conveying equipment (pneumatic and mechanical).

We offer a variety of feeding devices that are chosen based upon the best solution for the application through product feasibility studies. Feeder selection considerations include industry such as food, agricultural or industrial as well as the demands of the application. Industrial Applications we offer a Standard Duty design, or Heavy Duty design, and an Agricultural design feeder. Selection is typically driven by the products bulk density and environment of the application. Standard feeder designs range from 2 to 6 inches. Size selection is depending upon accuracy and rate requirements. Godfreys - Minor System

Scaling devices such as hoppers, platforms, conveyors/scales are used in a variety of designs. When considering the scaling device many application factors are reviewed such as scale resolution, accuracy, batch rate and room constraints.

Systems are modular in design allowing for expansion of the systems. Many customers will automate the most frequently used material with the highest volumes and add to the system. Systems typically range from 6 to 48 storage/supply bins, with an average of 24 micro bins. Interstate Mills - Minor System

We strive to provide efficient batching and weighing systems for various industrial applications in the food, baking, agricultural, and chemical industries.

Weighing and Batching Case Study