Complete Systems

Complete Systems

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. has developed strategic partnerships with industry leading equipment manufactures to be able to provide our customers with complete system design and integration.

You can Bundle your milling, grinding,  sifting and metal separation equipment into an entire system. Our skilled engineers have in-depth knowledge of the equipment required to properly operate your process from raw material feeding to final product destination.

Why struggle with sizing air movers, filter receivers, piping, and separation magnets while dealing with multiple suppliers when you can get it all from one source? Our systems and controls integration is second to none in the industry.

System Implementation and Management

  • We  have the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide the auxiliary equipment to make it all work together, as one full system.
  • We thoroughly understand what is needed to make our equipment function properly.
  • Our Process Controls Team can control it all to ensure your project is done on-time, accurately, and within budget.
  • We offers complete project management services to assist you on all aspects of your needs. From complete equipment layout drawings to Gantt scheduling charts, our services are ready to fulfill your requirements.
  • We offer start-up assistance and training.
  • We offer mechanical and electrical installation services and supervision and our technical services team is always ready to assist you.

System Design and Process Development

  • Sterling’s Testing and Tolling Facility is one of the largest in North America. Our extensive knowledge of processing various products from Ash to Zinc allows us to properly identify the requirements for your application.
  • Our company has been serving various industries’ systems needs for well over 40 years and we continue improving our systems and controls to effectively handle our current and future customers’ applications.
  • When we test run your product, we can support our system calculations and identify the parameters ahead of time that are needed to operate your system correctly rather than guess or assume what is needed in the field.

Systems & Design Integration Case Studies

Equipment Partners

Prater IndustriesPrater Industries, Inc.

Industry leading particle size reduction, enlargement, feeding and separation equipment manufacturer.

Industrial Magnetics, Inc.Industrial Magnets, Inc.

Industry leading magnetic material handling & metal separation equipment manufacturer.