Your Specific Industry


Oftentimes, there are companies that need powder and bulk material systems and controls for their specific material processing, handling and storage that may fall outside of the typical food, baking, agricultural, and feed industries. Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. recognizes your specific industry, these other industries, and is adept at handling their specific applications. We have worked for over 40 years to create customized systems and controls solutions for dry bulk and liquid processing that incorporates a multitude of industries.

We have assisted many large and small companies within Your Industry with automation, process controls and equipment within a variety of industries. Some of the other industries we have repetitively provided systems for include:

Your Specific Industry

If your industry is extracting natural gas through hydraulic fracturing where a layer of impermeable shale is called Fracking.  Fracking has significantly advanced the amount of natural gas produced in North America. Frac sand is a key component of the fracking process.  Frac sand handling systems and automation controls are necessary to ensure efficient delivery of sand to the well pads. A main ingredient in the fracking fluid is sand. Frac sand is a special type of sand. This is because the sand grains left behind during the fracking process hold the fractures open.  This enables the extraction of the natural gas. The building of frac sand facilities provides for the distribution of the sand by truck to the fracking well pads. Bringing the frac sand to the facility is by railcar and is then transferred from railcars to silos for distribution. Unloading frac sand from the silos into individual trucks for delivery to the well pads. Sterling Systems is a leading supplier of frac sand handling systems, process controls and plant automation for frac sand facilities.  Railcar unloading, truck filling, and alarm handling are key components of frac sand handling systems.

Other materials and industries for Your Industry we are experienced with and have worked with include:

  • Paints and Pigments
  • Sugar
  • Glass
  • Coatings
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Plastics
  • Wood
  • Cosmetics
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Soybeans and oilseed
  • Cement
  • Synthetics
  • Ceramic
  • Soap and detergent resins
  • Fertilizer
  • Pet food
  • Tobacco
  • Confections
  • Metals
  • Asphalt
  • Ingredients and extracts

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