Communications Upgrade

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Communications upgrade is necessary in many existing automation systems.  Why? Because communication systems have come and gone with only a couple surviving the test of time.  Speed, a universal nature and simplicity are what is desired and searched for. One communications system that is increasingly being replaced is DeviceNet.  Sterling Systems & Controls can provide Communications Upgrade and evolve your comm system from DeviceNet to Ethernet IP, a vastly more preferred communications system. Many industry experts talk about transitioning from DeviceNet to Ethernet being more important than ever.

Any kind of a conversion from DeviceNet to Ethernet IP  would be a very custom engineered project that would involve these general steps:

  1. Analyze the existing system
    a. Collect drawings of the existing automation system.
    b. Collect existing PLC and HMI programs.
    c. A possible site visit may be required in order to confirm that the existing drawings are accurate and to collect
    information to produce drawings if none are available.
    d. Analyze all collected information to identify DeviceNet devices and how they are currently communicating.
  2. Propose new components and programming changes that are required for the conversion.
    a. Produce a proposal quote including PLC modules and DeviceNet communications modules required.
    b. Identify any devices that are obsolete and that will need to be replaced.
    c. Provide labor quote and estimate of commissioning/onsite time required.
  3. Implementation
    a. Purchase and provide required components.
    b. Provide any required drawings.
    c. Implement programming changes offline.
    d. Onsite visit to assist electrical contractor with installation, make software changes and commission.

And what’s next?  We can look to CONTROL magazine for some answers.  ETHERNET+APL

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