Multiple Batching Stations


Bakery batching systems are considerably more simple than their Feed Mill batching system counter parts. In this application we implemented multiple batching stations. Usually there would be a single batching station. This customer application was provided with three batching stations using a single Allen Bradley PLC controller. They have two areas, entitled the “Frozen” and […]

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Monitoring Particle Size Reduction


Recently a blog post from Prater Industries caught my eye. You can read that post here. The blog post at Prater Industries essential discusses the benefits of particle size reduction and the benefits of fine grinders.  However, all would be for naught if you didn’t monitor the condition of the grinder or classifier during its […]

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NFPA 61 Fire and Explosion Protection

What is NFPA 61? This is a standard written and issued by the National Fire Protection Association that deals with the prevention of fires and explosions in agriculture and food processing facilities. NFPA 61 is designed to “protect lives and property from fires and dust explosions in facilities handling, processing, or storing bulk agricultural materials, […]

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Process Equipment for Industry

“Never has it been more critical for decision makers to have a clear, impartial, and data-driven perspective of how factors such as COVID-19, the potential second-wave impact, and the re-opened economies will influence companies moving forward” with process equipment for industry applications. This is according to PEMA (process equipment manufacturers association news for June/July 2020. […]

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Mother Totes for System to Dose Liquids


It isn’t unusual for Sterling Systems & Controls to be called in to fix problems with equipment systems of other brands.  One major snack food producer did just that and it involved a liquid dosing system.  The solution was mother totes for system to dose liquids.  This was a sizeable project and included several dry […]

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Automatic or Semi-Automatic Batching

Semi-Automatic Hand Prompt Batching System

Thinking about automating your purely manual batching?  Tired of ruined batches because your operator missed an ingredient or added the wrong weight of a couple of the ingredients? Maybe your operator was interrupted and forgot where they were at in the batching process?  All of these things and more can happen and ruin your day […]

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Discharge Bulk Bag AND Fill/Package in Bags

Bulk Bag Discharger

There are many applications for bulk bag unloading or discharging. Often process steps are combined together, i.e. Discharging and Weighing, Discharge and Conveying, etc. One application combines discharging a bulk bag and weighing and filling small bags.  This application combine multiple steps and is a time saver. The bulk bag discharging device can come ahead […]

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NEMA and IP Ratings


What are NEMA and IP ratings?  What’s the difference?  Let’s first define each acronym: NEMA stands for National Electrical Manufacturers Association. IP stands for Ingress Protection. In our context we are speaking about the various ratings that can be used to describe the environmental protection provided by enclosures. Many feel that NEMA and IP enclosure […]

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How To Fill Bulk Bags


How to fill bulk bags?  I understand why many people ask that question. You business is growing, you are thinking about increasing the size of your bagged bulk material for shipment to your customers. No more just offering skids full of 50 or 100lb bags. You need to ship a skid with a 2000lb FIBC […]

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Evaluating Your Inquiry

Complete Plant Automation

Evaluating your inquiry.  Here is how Sterling Systems and Controls does it. Our goal is to customize software, electronics and mechanical equipment to meet your specific goals and specifications, to give you great value and deliver on our promises. Here is what happens evaluating your inquiry: You have Automation, Batching, Process Control and Systems requirements? […]

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