Weigh System for Metallurgical Application

Weigh Batch System for Metallurgical Application

Weighing and Batching systems exist in virtually any industrial process.  In the metals industry a metallurgical company that processes a trace mineral and produces high quality metallurgical products including spent catalysts, filter cakes and grindings. A material weigh batch system for metallurgical application has been provided consisting of six (6) transfer tote hoppers, as well as two (2) surge hoppers.  The transfer totes were 33.6 cubic feet, with 24.9 cubic feet of working capacity, and included fork pockets for movement using a fork lift truck.  The cone of each transfer hopper was 65 degrees.

Note: Metallurgy is a domain of materials science and engineering that studies the physical and chemical behavior of metallic elements, their inter-metallic compounds, and their mixtures, which are called alloys.

The surge hoppers are 8.5 cubic foot, with 5 cubic foot working capacity, constructed of heavy duty painted mild steel. Each incorporates a heavy duty vibratory feeder and feeder controller with 4-20mA signal.  A platform scale is provided for each that has four (4) point load cell weighing system good for up to 10,000lbs. The weigh batching system feeds material onto a belt conveyor that is 40ft long and 12″ wide.

For the weigh batch system for metallurgical application Sterling Systems engineers provided a sequence of operation, sample PLC programming and an equipment list for a control system to be developed by the customer.  While this is very unusual, Sterling will work with customers to provide a custom system that performs and delivers what is needed and wanted by the customer.