Food Batching Systems

Dry & Liquid Mix Plants

Sterling offers automating solutions for every aspect of the manufacturing process. Automation includes the raw material handling systems such as pneumatic & mechanical conveying, liquid systems (weighing & metering) mixer automating, Minor & Bulk Bag Ingredient Weighing Systems and Packaging Systems.

Sterling’s common food batching applications include products such as Dry & Liquid Mixes, Batter Mix, Powder & Liquid Drinks, Health Food & Body Building products, Spice Mixes and various Bakery Ingredients.

Key Features include, but not limited to

  • Scheduling
  • Formulation Management & Storage
  • Raw Material Management, Inventory and Usage
  • Material Parameters (Tolerance, Feeder Speed, Jog, Pre-act/Cutoff…)
  • Lot Tracking (Bar Code, RFID)
  • Validation (Bar Code, RFID…)
  • Equipment Parameters (Scales, Mixer, Dry Ingredient Feeders, Liquid Meters…)
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Mixer Load Tracking
  • C02 System Automation
  • Finished Batch Tracking
  • Abnormal Condition Alarms and Tracking
  • Remote Process Status & Data Access Software (WebCentral)
  • Troubleshooting & Diagnostics Features (Local & Remote)
  • Bulk Conveying System Automation
  • Bulk Liquid Handling System Automation
  • Micro, Minor, Bulk Bag/Tote Ingredient Automation
  • Manual Prompting & Weigh Station Automation
  • Mixer Automation
  • Packaging Interface – Yield System Automation
  • CIP System Automation