Feed Mill Systems

Complete Feed Mill Automation

Sterling offers complete and often custom feed mill automating solutions for every aspect of the animal feed manufacturing process

Complete Feed Mill Automation Capabilities:

  • Controls Design
  • Receiving
  • Grinding (Hammer Mill & Roller Mill)
  • Batching
  • Pelleting
  • Finish Feed Routing
  • Loadout Systems (Fixed Truck Scales & Lorry Scales)
  • Automating Bulk Material Handling Systems
  • Minor & Micro Ingredient Systems
  • Liquid Weighing or Metering Systems (Optimized for fat and molasses as well as many other liquids commonly used in the Animal Feed Mill facilities)

Key Features:

  • Integrates into Systems with either proprietary or non-proprietary software
  • Incorporates standard or custom features required by each application
  • Accommodates Wonder Ware, Intellution and other industrial software packages
  • Scheduling
  • Formulation Management & Storage
  • Raw Material Management, Inventory and Usage
  • Material Parameters (Tolerance, Feeder Speed, Jog, and Pre-act/Cutoff…)
  • Raw Material Lot Tracking (Bar Code, RFID)
  • Process Validation (Bar Code, RFID…)
  • Equipment Parameters (Scales, Mixer, Dry Ingredient Feeders, Liquid Meters…)
  • Finished Batch Tracking
  • Abnormal Condition Alarms and Tracking
  • Remote Batching & Data Access Software (WebCentral)
  • Troubleshooting & Diagnostics Features (Local & Remote)
  • Least Cost Formulation Software Interfaces

Feed Mill Receiving System

feed mill receiving

  • Receiving System Automation Screen
  • Raw Ingredient Tracking
  • Scale Integration
  • Source Selection
  • Destination Selection
  • Auto Routing with Interlocks
  • Equipment Monitoring for Abnormal Conditions

Feed Mill Grinding System

feed mill grinding

  • Grinding System Automation Screen
  • Pre-Ground Product Storage Routing To Grinding Bins
  • Grinding Bins Level Control
  • Feeder Speed Varied Automatically based upon Mill Load
  • Grinding Equipment Monitoring for Maximum Throughput
  • Equipment Monitoring for Abnormal Condition & Run times
  • Auto Routing of Ground Product

Feed Mill Batching System

feed mill batching

  • Batching System Automation Screen
  • Batching of Bulk Dry Ingredient, Bulk Liquid Ingredients, Minor Ingredient, Micro Ingredient & Hand Add Additions
  • Scheduling
  • Inventory of Raw & Finished Materials
  • Tolerance Control
  • Lot Tracking of Raw Materials
  • Equipment Monitoring for Abnormal Conditions & Run times
  • Auto Routing of Finished Feed

Feed Mill Pelleting System

feed mill pelleting

  • Pellet Mill Automation Screen
  • Pellet Mill Amps
  • Pellet Mill No Roll Slip
  • Pellet Mill Inlet Mash Temperature
  • Steam Modulating Valve
  • Lineator Roll Gap Software and I/O
  • Equipment Monitoring for Abnormal Conditions & Run times
  • SET UP SCREENS allow modifications to the operating program. These set up files, like all levels in the system, are password protected to prohibit tampering by unqualified personnel.
  • Storage for the formula operating parameters. These parameters include for the Pellet Mill:
  • Operating instructions
  • Run set-points
  • Amps
  • Temperatures
  • Speeds for the pellet mill.
  • Other unique parameters may be stored for the multiple formulas on the pellet mill.
  • Liquids can be controlled by the PELLET MILL workstation. These may be added either at the conditioner or at the die.
  • Operate the system manually and then potentially switch the control to automatic “on the fly”.

Feed Mill Loadout System

feed mill loadout

  • Truck Loadout Automation Screen
  • Scale Integration
  • Shuttle Conveyors or Trolley Systems
  • Multiple Compartment Filling
  • Truck Tracking
  • Customer Tracking
  • Finished Product Tracking