Feed Mill Automation

Feedmille Automation

Feed Mill automation can simplify operation and improve efficiency of cost and throughput. Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. custom designs and manufactures the highest quality automation control systems for virtually any Feed Mill process or a complete facility. Regardless of the specific animal feed, cattle, poultry, swine, horse, Petfood, and more, Sterling Systems is “Your Premier Provider of Feed Mill / Petfood Production Solutions”.

Sterling Systems & Controls designs and provides standard equipment and customized software solutions for an overall customized feed manufacturing system (a.k.a. Feedmill system) using Allen-Bradley PLC’s and desktop PC’s running Sterling Systems’ customized Windows-based Automation Software.

Sterling’s forty-five plus (45+) years of process and automation experience ensures quality and efficiency in both hardware and software.  Software applications include:

  • Receiving / Transfer – Receiving/Transfer application is custom designed to suit your exact needs. This includes allowing for only manual control or including the ability to allow for automatic receiving and transfer steps.
  • Grinding -The grinding feed mill automation process increases efficiency and improves conditioning in a feed production operation. Grinding performs particle size reduction for further processing of the material. Grinding creates more surface area which aids in digestion of the feed.
  • Batching – Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. can automate your batching systems, whether an ingredient multiple scale system provided by us or any other vendor, or any type of weighing system for finished feed or feed in process.
  • Pelleting – While the pelleting process has historically been done manually, the Sterling Systems & Controls pelleting system uses your production requirements and formulas to create a customized and fully-automated pelleting process.
  • Loadout – As with our other Feed Mill automation application software, Sterling Systems’ Loadout feed mill automation system ensures the transport of the correct product to the desired location, quickly and efficiently, with superior accuracy.
Loadout Process Screen
Grinding Feedmill Automation
 Grinding Process Screen






Receiving / Transfer Feedmill Automation
 Receiving / Transfer Screen
 Pellet Mill Process Screen






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