About Sterling Systems and Controls

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. offers over 40 years of experience in providing efficient solutions for batching, micro, minor and bulk weighing systems, as well as plant automation.

Today, our state-of-the-art designs utilize the latest technology specializing in data management, raw material and production data tracking. Sterling’s software and electrical engineers design complete processing systems automation for various industries. These systems include Batching Systems, plant automation, modular weighing systems, and upstream/downstream equipment including raw material handling systems, conveyors, and post batch material handling systems. Also provided are process controls, motor control centers, control panel fabrication and general automation utilizing many hardware and software platforms. Specializing in batching systems, material weight systems, and systems automation is our forte. Sterling provides the best single-source solutions due to our eye for details and a well-rounded history in working with the food, baking, industrial, chemical, plastics, agricultural, and feed industries.

We offer services for OEM and end users alike.

Company History

Originally started as a department of National Manufacturing in Sterling, Illinois in 1971, a separate company was quickly formed a year later and named Sterling Controls, Inc.

This company’s main focus was solving automation challenges throughout a wide variety of industries but focused primarily on the agricultural field. In fact, one of its first system applications was a batching control system for an agricultural fertilizer facility utilizing continuous batching technology in early 1970. Additionally, feed mill and poultry processing facilities automation was a focus, using the most innovative technology available at the time.

In 1987, Sterling Controls, Inc. was purchased by the owners of Prater Industries, Inc. After supplying controls for the equipment that Prater Industries manufactured, Prater then purchased the company to allow them to provide complete solutions for the systems they manufactured (grinding, pulverizing, material handling, and batching). This well received combination of Prater’s equipment and Sterling’s systems proved to be rather successful in better responding to their customers in need of complete systems and controls for their process requirements. In 2000, Sterling Controls, Inc. changed its name to Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. to reflect the capabilities of the company and utilize their ability to provide mechanical, electrical, and automated solutions.

In 2014, both Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. and Prater Industries were acquired by Industrial Magnetics, Inc., an industry leader in manufacturing engineered, innovative permanent and electromagnetic solutions since 1961.

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