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Automatic Ingredient batching System – Dry and Liquid Materials



Unique: Sterling Systems & Controls uniquely provides Full Custom Solutions that are designed with your operational processes in mind, with 24/7 After-Sales Support that is second-to-none.

Unique: Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. provides the technology and experience to increase efficiency and profits.  Automation, Batching & Weighing Specialists.

Unique:  With Fifty (50) years of experience and a unique industrial APPLICATIONS knowledge base, Sterling Systems’ custom engineered and manufactured state-of-the-art equipment and systems utilize the latest technology and/or components in data management, as well as raw material and production data tracking, automation and much more.

Unique: Sterling Systems engineering staff are not contract engineers, they are a high quality engineering team (electrical, mechanical and software/controls) that stays With You From Sales to After Start-Up. If technical after start-up support is ever needed, it is an engineer familiar with you and your system that will provide it. Sterling Systems’ engineering staff designs complete automated process systems for feed mills, pet food, food and baking, rubber compounding and many other process industries. These process systems include material weighing and batching systems, process controls and plant automation systems, upstream/downstream equipment such as mixers and grinders, conveyors, post batch material handling systems, and much more.

Sterling Systems provides the best single-source solutions. This is due to attention to details and well-rounded experience working within a specific range of industries. These industries include Feed Production and Milling, Pet Food, Food and Baking, Rubber Compounding, Plastics, Industrial, Chemical, and Agriculture. All systems and services are provided to End-Use and OEM/Contractors/Engineering customers alike.

How we customize a system for you:

ANALYZE: We interview your staff to determine the goals of your project.
DEVELOP: With our application experience we develop a customized solution to meet your goals & make your process more efficient.
PROFIT: You profit from our 50 years of experience in feed, pet food, baking, food processing, rubber compounding, industrial process, process equipment such as size reduction/mixers and others, as well as automation and data management.

The Sterling Systems & Controls reputation is earned. We are a premier provider of efficient solutions for:

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Just need an upgrade or to focus on improving a portion of your process?  If you need a modification to the existing equipment and automation that you have on site, Sterling Systems or any other brand, we can help you migrate your technology and improve efficiency and functions, whatever you need!  We are a premier provider custom systems equipment, controls and automation and design for expansion and technology migration.  We can customize a solution for you, to be what you want and need.  We can upgrade your system and automation software.  Give us a call today at 815-625-0852 or toll free in the USA at 800-257-7214.  You can also email us at

Sterling Systems & Controls provides process equipment hardware and automation software using PC’s or PLC’s, HMI/PC and electrical control panels, MCC’s and efficient onsite and remote service options.  We can deliver you a turnkey solution, or just provide you with one or more of the pieces. Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. is also a UL listed certified control panel builder for the USA and Canadian markets.

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. – Unique to Your Process

Sterling Systems and Controls, Inc. will create custom designed, engineered and manufactured systems based on your exact needs. No two system solutions are exactly the same. Today, our custom state-of-the-art designs utilize the latest technology specializing in WEIGHING and BATCHING systems, data management, as well as raw material and production data tracking. We offer our capabilities and services for OEM and end users alike.

Sterling Systems’ software, electrical and mechanical engineers design complete processing systems for various automation requirements within a wide array of industries. These systems include automated WEIGHING/BATCHING systems, BEARING CONDITION MONITORING for Prater classifiers and miills, complete plant automation, modular weighing systems, and upstream/downstream equipment including raw material handling systems, BULK BAG FILLING STATIONS, BULK BAG UNLOADING SYSTEMS, conveyors, and post batch material handling systems. In addition to process equipment, we provide process controls, motor control centers, control panel fabrication and general automation utilizing many standard hardware and software platforms. Our forte is custom batching systems, material weighing systems, and plantwide automation systems. Sterling Systems provides the best single-source solutions due to our eye for details and a well-rounded history in working with the Feed, PetFood, Agriculture, Food, Baking, Chemical, Rubber, Plastics, and other INDUSTRIES.

We also can integrate the automated process control system with your general business system. And if you need remote monitoring of your control system data, we can provide this capability with our WebCentral software application. WebCentral is a browser based application that allows you to access the database of the automated control system. You can review and print historical reports and change system parameters from a remote PC, so long as the PC resides on the same network as Sterling Systems automation control system. Because WebCentral is browser based, it is very simple and intuitive to use. It is ideal for applications where a variety of individuals need to access information from the control system in a secure, reliable and simple manner.

We are a member of the IMI Family of companies

We are proud to be a part of a family of companies that serve the dry material processing and handling industries. This includes our two sister companies, Industrial Magnetics, Inc. and Prater Industries, Inc.. See these other companies below to find out more.

Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. offers many standard magnetic products but they specialize in quickly providing customer specific magnetic solutions for metal separation, lifting, conveying and more.

Prater Industries, Inc.

Prater Industries, Inc.

Prater offers a wide range of equipment for particle size reduction, enlargement, feeding and separation such as mills, grinders, lump breakers, classifiers, rotary airlock valves, and more.